Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a firearm online? sells firearms only in accordance with Federal, State and Local Firearms laws. You must be 18 years or older to purchase long guns and 21 years or older to purchase hand guns. It is your responsibility to verify that the firearm(s) you want to purchase from meets the laws of your State, County or City.

How to purchase a firearm online:

Purchasing a firearm online is easy. Once we are aware which firearm(s) you wish to purchase, you need only to provide us with two things: payment for the item(s) and a copy of a FFL (Federal Firearms License) from a licensed dealer in your state that you want to handle the transfer to you.

  1. Payment: Your payment options are Postal Money Order, Cashier.s Check, Personal Check (we wait five (5) business days to ship after depositing the Personal Check) or Credit/Debit Card (3% is added to the total for Credit/Debit Card Purchases).
  2. FFL (Federal Firearms License): Federal firearms laws prevent the shipping of firearm(s) from directly to you (unless you are a FFL Dealer). We must ship your firearm(s) directly to an FFL Dealer near you. The steps to follow are:

Find a dealer near you that will accept the transfer of the firearm(s) for you. Most gun shops, sporting goods stores, pawn shops, gunsmiths and gun clubs or shooting ranges will provide this service for a fee. If you don't know which dealer to use in your area, we can help you locate one near you. We have access to a large list of dealers in the USA that will gladly handle a transfer for you. Most of dealers charge around $20-40 for a transfer. You should confirm the transfer and fees with your local dealer.

Next, have the dealer provide us with a copy of their signed FFL (Federal Firearms License). The dealer may fax us a copy, email us a copy or mail us a copy (you will be provided with all the information necessary to make this happen, in an email from us).

Once we receive the Payment and the FFL, the item will be shipped to the FFL dealer. The FFL dealer will perform any required background checks and transfer the firearm to you. Your FFL dealer will be responsible for adhering to any state or local laws affiliated with firearms transactions. If you are unsure about firearms regulations in your state, please consult your local FFL dealer. Example: Some states require a permit to purchase or only allow 1 handgun to be purchased in a 30 Day period; and some firearms are not legal in some states or there may be a magazine capacity restriction for your area. Firearms will not be shipped to any location where they are restricted.

If I don't find what I am looking for, do you special order?

Yes, we do handle special orders as follows. If you will supply us with the Manufacturer’s name and the item’s model number or some way for us to identify what you are looking for, we will try to locate the item for you. Once it is found, we will then confirm that it is the item you are looking for. After we hear back from you, we’ll let you know your cost plus S&H. At that point, if you decide to proceed, we require half down prior to our ordering the item. The balance would then be due prior to shipping or at the time you pick up the item directly from us. Any item not picked up or not shipped will be subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Is the item new in the box?

Yes! All items we sell at are brand new in the box with full manufacturer.s warranty, unless otherwise stated in the description.

How much do you charge for shipping and handling?

Shipping and Handling costs depend on what is being shipped. The cost on Handguns is typically a flat rate of $20.00 on the first firearm and $15.00 on each additional, when shipped together. Occasionally the rate on Handguns that are unusually large and heavy may be $25-$35.00. The cost on Long Guns is typically a flat rate of $25.00 on the first firearm and $15.00 on each additional, when shipped together. Occasionally the rate on Long Guns that are unusually large and heavy may be $35-$40.00. Handguns and Long Guns are shipped using different shipping methods, so the rates cannot be combined. Ammunition and Accessories are shipped using the size and weight of what is being shipped to determine the cost.

How do you ship?

Firearms are shipped to your FFL Dealer using USPS Priority Mail for Handguns and FedEx Ground for Long Guns. Ammunition is shipped via UPS and Accessories are shipped via either USPS or FedEx depending on size and weight.

Can my dealer FAX or email you an FFL?

Yes. ATF regulations allow faxed or emailed copies of a FFL. We require that we have a readable, signed copy of the FFL on file; if the fax or emailed copy is not readable, we will require a signed copy be mailed to us. Please, have your dealer include your name, the order number and their phone number on the fax or in the email. Our fax number is 952-837-1006 and our email address is

Do I have to send an FFL for each firearm I purchase?

No. Once we have one valid FFL on file for your dealer, we can ship any number of firearms to that dealer. If you have already sent an FFL, please let us know and provide the dealer's information when you purchase your next firearm.

Are you an FFL and will you send my dealer a copy of your license?

Yes, we are an FFL and we will send a signed FFL with each firearm shipment.

Do you take trades?

At this time we do NOT take trades of any kind.

Do you have a lay-away plan?

We will consider extending lay-away terms under certain conditions. Please, call or email with any questions.

Will you ship internationally?

No. We do NOT ship internationally.

Where can I mail payment for my purchase?

Our mailing address is:, LLC
10800 Lyndale Ave S, Suite 220
Bloomington, MN 55420

We receive all mail via USPS, UPS, and FedEx at this address. Please, make all payments payable to:, LLC

What is your phone number?

We prefer to conduct business via email as it reduces our work load and allows us to respond more quickly. However, we understand the need to be able to talk via phone at times. Our phone number is 952-881-3433.